Next Steps…

Talk to Human Resources

Ask your benefits department if they might consider offering an LTCi plan for your organization.  There is no cost to the organization and you could be eligible for limited underwriting (for you and spouse), gender neutral group rates, and the premium could be tax deductible.


Talk to Your Family and Advisors

Ask your family about how you plan on paying for (or providing) the care that 70% of us will face if we live to retirement.  Chances are they will let you know how they feel about the possibility of taking care of you during an extended care need.  Even if they could pay $70,000 per year for someone else to provide this care…would they want to?


Talk to Us

We have been providing education and enrollment services for organizations ranging from colleges and universities to hospitals and NASA contractors.  Over the years we have learned how to take the confusion out of LTCi planning and lay out a plan that will take care of you, your family, and your assets.  Employees who attend our educational sessions come away with clarity and appreciation for the opportunity that their employers have provided.

So many reasons to create an LTCi Plan through your employer…

  • No additional cost for company
  • Premium can be tax deductible
  • Gender Neutral Rates
  • Payroll deduction makes paying premium easy
  • Employer can reward and retain key employees with contribution
  • Discounts for employees and family
  • Having an LTCi plan in place will prepare you for an  extended care need in your family
  • Simplified underwriting for employees and employed spouses
  • This plan is fully portable if you leave/retire


Let us guide you and your associates through the very important decisions that you will need to make when creating an LTCi plan to protect your future.