Next Steps…

Contact Us

Contact us to schedule a consult where we can learn more about your worksite environment.  We will assess your population and help determine if an LTCi plan could be a good fit for you and your associates. Employees who attend our educational sessions come away with clarity and appreciation for the opportunity to learn about this protection.  We are very quick to remind them that it is their organization who gave us the opportunity to speak with them.

Create an LTCi Plan for Your Organization

We will work with you to create an LTCi plan for your organization, whether you would like to have an offering that is strictly voluntary with no contribution, a “golden parachute” plan for your executives, or some combination based upon tiers in your organization.  Any contribution can be tax deductible, the coverage is fully portable and automatically converts to an individual plan when employees leave.  Best of all, your employees (and their employed spouses) may be eligible for limited underwriting in a short-form online application.

Implement the Plan

Our CLTC-certified specialists will create a customized education and enrollment plan.  We will:

  • develop a website for you with co-branded multimedia education
  • coordinate online and onsite benefit meetings
  • follow up with your associates and their family via personal consults
  • provide ongoing resources for new hires moving forward


  • No additional cost for company
  • Premium can be tax deductible
  • Gender Neutral Rates
  • Payroll deduction makes paying premium easy
  • Reward key employees with a company paid LTCi plan
  • Discounts for your employees and family
  • Having an LTCi plan in place will prepare your employees for an  extended care need in their family and this will help reduce absenteeism
  • Simplified underwriting for employee and spouse
  • This plan is fully portable if you leave/retire


Let us guide you and your associates through the very important decisions that you will need to make when creating an LTCi plan to protect your future.