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6 Options to Fund LTC from Kiplinger

A recent article published by Kiplinger outlines your options for funding an extended healthcare (or long-term care) need.  Here is the intro and link to the website:   For many retirees, the term "long-term care" [...]

From Nasdaq.com: Create an LTCi plan!

I have found that most of my clients want to hear advice from unbiased third parties.  With this in mind - here is an intro to an article recently posted on Nasdaq.com...   Creating a [...]

Your Family Needs You to Consider Your Longevity Risk…

  Why your family needs YOU to consider Long Term Care and the planning that goes with it. Long Term Care is a subject that is top of mind for many people in America today.  [...]

From the Today Show

  The Today Show, January 10, 2017 correspondent, Jean Chatzky, featured a morning segment pertaining to Retirement Planning and the concerns facing Americans regarding the ‘unreimbursed’ expenses associated with long-term care.  We think it is [...]


Feedback from some of our clients…

“LTCi Plans lead a successful company-wide enrollment initiative that comprised of visiting several of our Southeastern locations and conducting webinars.  Our LTCi Plans representative was very generous with his time by availing himself after normal business hours to meet the scheduling needs of our associates.  When we think of LTCi Plans, quality customer service comes to mind.”

Electronics Distribution Corporate Benefits Manager 

“LTCi Plans enrolled our company in long-term care insurance, and we saw a participation rate significantly higher than our previous offering. They took the time to work directly with our employees (at locations across the country) to answer questions and offer advice. We have been very pleased with the superior level of service they provide.”

Aerospace Benefits Administrator

“Our LTCi Plans representative is very knowledgeable and values educating his clients.  His deep and detailed knowledge of his products is an asset that we value at our organization.  I would highly recommend him and enjoy working with him during our annual benefits fair and throughout the year.”

Hospital Benefits Coordinator


Let us guide you and your associates through the very important decisions that you will need to make when creating an LTCi plan to protect your future.


  • "About 70 percent of people over age 65 require some type of long-term care services during their lifetime. Since there is a good chance that you might need long-term care services at some point, it is important to explore your options and plan ahead."
    - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  • "I'm a huge fan of this insurance. If you become ill, it ensures that your spouse will have enough money to eat and your kids won't be burdened with huge payments. Not having LTC insurance can be a $300,000 to $400,000 mistake."
    - Dave Ramsey

  • "You wouldn't go without homeowners insurance, so why not insure against the greater risk with long-term care insurance?"
    - Terry Savage: The Savage Truth on Money

  • "No well-planned retirement should be without long-term care insurance. It's the cornerstone of retirement security."
    - Suze Orman: You've Earned It, Don't Lose It: Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make When You Retire